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October is Pastor (or Clergy) Appreciation Month. It is a time to say “thank you” to the people who may be most visible as preachers and teachers, but who, in reality, are on-call 24/7 standing with congregants and others to offer spiritual and other support in times of confusion and transition, times of heart-wrenching sorrow and times of overwhelming joy. They laugh,
cry and pray with those whom they shepherd and serve. Established as a worldwide recognition time in 1992, the call to honor the contributions of pastoral leaders can be traced back to Paul, who advised congregations to give “double honor” to the elders who managed the affairs of the church well, “especially those whose work is preaching and teaching” (1 Timothy 5:17, NIV).

We encourage you to send a message of gratitude to Pastor Sylvester with a greeting card or special note.

October Potluck will be held on October 22, following worship services. Feel free to “shower” Pastor Sylvester with notes expressing your appreciation of his service to God. Pastor Sylvester will be with his family in Sierra Leone October 23 – November 21. Area Pastors and Lay Leaders will provide pastoral coverage in his absence. If you require pastoral care, please contact the church office.